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A/C Compressor - Toyota LANDCRUISER - 8832035670

A/C Compressor used - Toyota LANDCRUISER - 8832035670
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Pro advices

This A/C compressor is in excellent condition. We checked its quality and offer a Two-year warranty (excepted for engines and gearboxes : one-year warranty) for this part. We identified the serial number after disassembly in our Livron sur Drôme factory.
Do not hesitate to check our extensive inventory of A/C compressors on our Webshop, for all brands and models.
If you need additional information, feel free to contact our sales advisors- they are trained mechanics used to the technical specificities of used car parts such as this compressor Please keep your vehicle's registration card on hand if you contact us for assistance, we'll be more efficient!

Warning : the replacement of your A/C compressor has to be carried out by a registered professional. Main steps of the operation: retrieval of the refrigerant, disassembly of the defective compressor, verification and cleaning of the circuit, installation of your GPA used A/C compressor, replacement of consumables, , replacement des consumables, vacuum generation / impermeability check / filling, and finally pressure check and overall system check.

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