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Right wing mirror - Fiat TIPO - 735735846

Right wing mirror
GPA code : W0-5489B
Check compatibility
Check compatibility
Original vehicle
Mileage 15 314 km
Vehicle body type 5 Portes
Energy Petrol - Electricity (Non rechargeable)
Year of entry into service 2022
(tax incl.)
104.63 € (tax excl.)
Estimated delivery between 23/07 and 24/07
Checked by a certified technician
Warranty 2 years
Simplified return within 30 days
Additional Information

Here are all the information you will need to choose your Right wing mirror FIAT TIPO 1.5 2 PHASE 1

Characteristics of your Right wing mirror :

  • Mileage (Km) : 15314
  • GPA Tag number : W0-5489B
  • OEM Number : 735735846 (A number starting with NC means we do not know the OEM Number and replaced it with our internal tag number)
  • Estimated delivery time : 1 or 2 business days (Mainland France), delivered by national carrier

Tests, quality checks and warranty :

  • By the specialized disassembler : Yes
  • By the quality manager : Yes
  • Duration of the warranty : 24 months

Characteristics of the FIAT TIPO 1.5 2 PHASE 1 from which we collected your Right wing mirror :

  • Brand : FIAT
  • Model : TIPO 1.5 2 PHASE 1 CROSS
  • Body : 5 Doors
  • Year : 30/11/2022
  • Fuel : Petrol-electricity (hybride)
  • Engine type : 46347813
  • Gearbox type : GPA-12017-
  • Cylinder : 1498
  • Horsepower : 130
  • Color : AZZURRO ELBA
  • Color code : 718
  • Type identification code (CNIT) : M10FATVP2950578

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Right wing mirror used - Fiat TIPO - 735735846
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Pro advices

  • A wing mirror is a complex part, often equipped with various functions (electric adjustment or retracting, painted or not, fitted with a turn signal, heat sensors, etc.). Please choose your mirror imperatively in accordance with these characteristics.
  • Our wing mirrors are shipped complete with mirror, motor (if applicable) and side caps.
  • Do not hesitate to hire a registered professional to replace your wing mirror.
  • This used right wing mirror is the result of a cautious disassembly process and a rigorous quality check. However...
    • Please be aware that the vehicles from which our parts are extracted have, just like yours, been used for years and have traveled thousands of kilometers.
    • Therefore, while our used car parts are of the highest quality, they might not be in mint condition. Superficial scratches and light dents are possible testimonies of a former life. Should you be looking for an optimum result, small bodywork repairs might be necessary.

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