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Engine - Ford MAVERICK - GZ

Engine used - Ford MAVERICK - GZ
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Pro advices

All our engines are controlled, tested, cleaned and covered by a two-years warranty. Feel free to contact us by email or webchat if you want our assistance to select an item. The quality of our used engine also depending on the quality of its assembly, please do so in accordance with the few elementary rules listed hereafter.
1. General recommendations:

Upon delivery, make sure the engine perfectly fits your needs. Some peripheral parts might be different, so make sure to replace them by yours to avoid losing time once the engine is in its compartment.

About the warranty covering this engine : the engine may be delivered with peripheral parts provided for free (EGR valve, turbo, injection system, etc.) which are not under warranty. The warranty is applicable to the engine block only.

Always start by finding the cause of the failure that caused your engine to break and solve it, so it doesn’t repeat with this GPA engine!

Cleaning the engine compartment will make the assembly work easier and more enjoyable!

The openings of our engines are sealed with plastic plugs. Make sure to remove them all to avoid any problem when you first start the engine.

Make sure every bolt and nut are tightened to the torque recommended by manufacturer, and keep in mind that some are not reusable.

The crankshaft pulley must be carefully replaced. Make sure you do not push the pin back. Tighten the central bolt with a torque wrench to the recommended torque and do not hesitate to replace it by a new one if needed. In this case, also check the pulley and replace it by a new one in case of doubt.

2. Cooling system:

Radiator, fan, sensors, expansion tank, hoses and clamps must be checked carefully.

Purge the cooling system and fill it back with the adapted coolant, never with water.

Always replace the thermostat and the water pump with new ones.

3. Fuel supply:

A malfunctioning fuel supply will have negative effects on the engine. If the fuel/air mixture is too rich, it will not only cause a high fuel consumption but also a premature deterioration of the cylinders and compression rings. A mixture that is too lean will cause overheating.

Replace the air filter by a new one, since the previous one might be dirty or clogged and induce high fuel consumption and even damage the engine.

Check for the presence of foreign matter in the intake, and replace the intercooler if necessary.

Fuel filters must be replaced, any dirt might damage the injection pump or the injectors. A clogged filter will result in a lack of pressure in the fuel supply and might cause overheating and damage the pistons.

4. Exhaust: simply verify that it is not obstructed.

5. Lubrication: the oil filter must be replaced by a new one and the oil used must comply with the recommendations of manufacturer for their engines.

6. Timing belt: the timing belt kit of your car must be replaced by a new one and assembled following the instructions of manufacturer. The accessory belt, idlers and tensioners must be replaced if necessary.

7. Ignition or preheating system: replace the plugs with new ones.

8. Before engine start-up: After assembly, check the oil level, bolts and nuts tightening, belt tension, that there is no air in the cooling system and that its level is correct.

Start up the engine and check the oil pressure and coolant temperature.
That’s all folks! Everything should go well! Let’s get back to this engine… p>

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