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Gearbox - Peugeot 407 - 20MB06

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20MB06 Gearbox PEUGEOT 407 Q1-1237R
lens lens lens lens lens
GPA code : Q1-1237R
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Original vehicle
Peugeot 407 2.2I 16V
Mileage 157 737 km
Vehicle body type Coupé
Energy Petrol / Gasoline
Year of entry into service 2006
(tax incl.)
466.88 € (tax excl.)
Estimated delivery between 06/03 and 07/03
Checked by a certified technician
Warranty 2 years
Simplified return within 30 days
Additional Information

Here are all the information you will need to choose your Gearbox PEUGEOT 407 SPRT PACK

Characteristics of your Gearbox :

  • Mileage (Km) : 157737
  • GPA Tag number : Q1-1237R
  • OEM Number : 2222 YX (A number starting with NC means we do not know the OEM Number and replaced it with our internal tag number)
  • Estimated delivery time : 1 or 2 business days (Mainland France), delivered by national carrier

Tests, quality checks and warranty :

  • By the specialized disassembler : Yes
  • By the quality manager : Yes
  • Duration of the warranty : 24 months

Characteristics of the PEUGEOT 407 SPRT PACK from which we collected your Gearbox :

  • Brand : PEUGEOT
  • Model : 407 SPRT PACK 2.2I 16V
  • Body : Coupé
  • Year : 18/09/2006
  • Fuel : Petrol
  • Engine type : 3FY
  • Gearbox type : 20MB06
  • Cylinder : 2230
  • Horsepower : 165
  • Color code : EZR
  • Type identification code (CNIT) : MPE1711PT239

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Gearbox used - Peugeot 407 - 20MB06
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Pro advices

GPA specializes in selling warrantied used gearboxes online, so please follow the few recommendations hereafter upon receiving and replacing your gearbox.

Make sure the gearbox we delivered matches with the defective one. If you do so before the installation, you might avoid some serious difficulties.

Our gearboxes are often delivered with peripheral parts provided for free (sensors, clutch release bearing, control unit, motors, etc.) which are not under warranty.
The 24 months warranty for this gearbox covers only the “naked” part.

To avoid damaging our gearbox, please start by finding the cause of the failure that resulted in your gearbox to break and solve it, so it doesn’t repeat.

Most of the openings of our gearboxes are sealed with plastic plugs. Make sure to remove them upon assembly.

Make sure every bolt and nut are tightened to the torque recommended by manufacturer, and keep in mind that some are not reusable.

The clutch guide tube and lip seals must be replaced by new ones. Always use a gear oil respecting the recommendations of manufacturer.

We advise you to take the opportunity and replace the clutch kit with a new one while your gearbox is disassembled.

Once your GPA gearbox is fitted, and before starting up the engine, make sure your check the oil level, that the bolts and nuts have been tightened using a torque wrench and that the gears shift well.

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