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Founded in 1962, GPA is a national leader in automotive recycling. In concrete terms, our business consists of collecting insured or end-of-life vehicles and giving a second life to their components. The parts we produce from these vehicles are more commonly called "used parts", "reuse parts" or "PIEC" (parts from the circular economy). Our activity covers more than 24 hectares and we currently have a little more than 200 employees who work daily to offer you quality products. Our stock currently contains a little more than 150 000 parts in stock representing all the brands of vehicles running in France.

Everyone! Our aim is to offer the widest choice of parts from the circular economy (used or reconditioned) in order to make cars more economical and responsible. We therefore sell our parts to both private individuals and car repair professionals.

With several thousand transactions per month, we attach the utmost importance to the security of our site. We can therefore guarantee that our site is completely secure, notably via SSL certificates. We use BPCE Group technology for all banking transactions. You can also pay via your PayPal account. Your data remains private and confidential, and we never divulge it to third parties. Of course, you can ask us to remove your details from our database at any time. Although it's always sad to see you go, we'll do our utmost!

Not any more! We've had a physical store for a very long time, but COVID has accelerated its closure to the end of 2020. From now on, you can pick up your orders directly from our warehouse via a connected locker system. Simply place your order either :

  • via our website, by selecting the locker option from the delivery options available
  • by telephone and simply indicate that you wish to collect your order from the locker.

Please note, however, that large parts (engines, bodywork, etc.) are not eligible for crate delivery. These parts will be shipped free of charge to wherever you wish in France.

Our sales team of more than 20 advisors is available to answer your questions by chat, phone or email. We are open from Monday to Friday, from 8:30am to 6pm. We aim to respond to all your messages within 24 hours (during working days).

We offer a wide range of car parts. We group our offer under 3 main categories:

  • Mechanical parts such as engine components (engines, gearboxes, starters, alternators, engine peripherals and accessories)
  • Replacement parts such as 1st degree body parts (doors and windows, front or rear bumpers, tailgates, mirrors, etc.)
  • Second degree parts and accessories (interior parts such as steering wheels, belts, crosspieces or upholstery, etc.)

Since November 2019, 100% of our parts are produced on a disassembly line unique in Europe and custom built for GPA. They follow a standardised manufacturing and storage process consisting of 5 steps:

  • disassembly
  • quality controls and tests
  • cleaning
  • photography from a minimum of 3 angles
  • packaging

All our used parts photos are contractual and allow you to evaluate the high quality level of our parts. In addition, our quality department carries out random tests on all our stock to ensure that all parts meet all our quality standards even after several weeks in storage.

All our parts are sold with a 24 month warranty. Only our engines and gearboxes are guaranteed for 12 months. This guarantee allows you to buy a second-hand part with the peace of mind of a new product. In the event of a problem, our customer support team is there to help you find the most suitable solution for your situation. The GPA part is also the guarantee of a reactive customer service, we take particular care to answer all your questions with the greatest reactivity. You can contact us by email, telephone or via our chat module on our website.

Why pay full price for a new part when you can find the equivalent but 50% cheaper? Our used parts are subject to scrupulous quality control. Once stocked, their prices are regularly revised to keep them in line with the requirements of the car parts market. Car parts are subject to wear and tear, whether due to the age of the vehicle or its mileage. Our calculation algorithm therefore takes into account this data as well as the price of the new part in order to propose the most coherent price possible for your wallet.

The reason is simple! We take into account the mileage for certain mechanical parts (engines and gearboxes) in our price calculation. This means that a part with a higher mileage will be cheaper than a part with a lower mileage.

We only take a precise list of mechanical and bodywork parts from each vehicle, which you can find on this page: 

Our used parts

If the part you're looking for isn't in this list, we unfortunately don't stock it, so we won't be able to offer it to you.

We use the payment modules developed by Crédit Agricole for banking transactions but also Paypal if you have an account. All transactions are encrypted via an SSL certificate to guarantee optimal security during your purchases.

Once your order has been dispatched, we will send you a confirmation email with the following subject line: '[GPA Auto Recycler] Shipped'. This email will also include a link that will allow you to track your package. If the tracking information provided seems incorrect or if you cannot find this email, please contact us, our advisors will be able to help you. It is also possible that our communications arrive directly in the SPAMS of your mailbox, we invite you to check this point before cleaning.

The delivery date we indicate is only indicative. It is based on the framework contracts that we have set up with a group of renowned logistics service providers. But rest assured, we respect the deadlines on 98% of the shipments we make every day.

Yes, we have set up connected lockers allowing you to pick up your orders on site at any time.

Once your order has been placed in a locker, you will receive a pick-up code by SMS and email, giving you 48 hours to collect your order.

However, this option is only available for parts that can be placed in our crates. Bodywork or large mechanical parts are systematically sent by carrier.

First of all, we invite you to check the delivery address you entered when you placed your order and to check with your friends and family if no one was able to receive the package for you and forgot to inform you. If, despite everything, your parcel cannot be found, contact our customer service department who will tell you what to do.

Unfortunately, despite all the care we take in packaging our parts, some of them may be damaged during transport and delivered to you. In the case of deliveries by carrier (bodywork parts in particular) it is very important that you take the time to check the condition of the goods in the presence of the deliveryman. If your order has defects, you can refuse it directly with the carrier and obtain a refund. If you do not refuse it, you will have to indicate precise reservations on the transport document.

It is very simple. To do so, you just have to click on Create my account and let yourself be guided through the registration form. You will be asked for several information such as :

  • Your title
  • Your first name
  • Your last name
  • Your email address
  • The creation of a password
  • Your date of birth (optional and only if you wish to receive a gift on your birthday)

It goes without saying that all this information can be modified at any time in your profile.

Simply click on the "My Account" button at the top right of every page on our site. Then enter your email address and password and click on the "LOGIN" button.

No problem, the process is very simple if you want to recover your password. Just click on the following link Forgotten password and follow the instructions on the screen.

You can make a return or an after-sales request by clicking here! You will only be asked for the document number (or invoice number) as well as the postcode you entered when ordering. Once you have entered this information, you will be able to select one or more items on which you wish to make a return. Once your request has been validated, it is recorded in our system and directly communicated to our customer support team who will come back to you with a suitable solution.

Under certain conditions, we can ship personal effects to vehicle owners. You can contact this service by writing directly to: effetperso@groupe-gpa.fr, quoting the registration number of the vehicle concerned, and giving your contact details (e-mail, address and telephone number).

You can contact the relevant department at horsconvention@groupe-gpa.fr for more information, quoting the registration number of the vehicle concerned, and giving your contact details (e-mail, address and telephone number).

You can contact the relevant service at :  for more information by mentioning the registration of the vehicle concerned, and by specifying your contact details (e-mail, address and telephone number).

You can contact the relevant department at horsconvention@groupe-gpa.fr for more information, quoting the registration number of the vehicle concerned, and giving your contact details (e-mail, address and telephone number).

Due to administrative formalities, payment for the vehicle may be slightly delayed, but on average takes 10 working days. For further information, please contact the relevant department at reglement@groupe-gpa.fr, quoting the registration number of the vehicle concerned, and giving your contact details (e-mail, address and telephone number).

- Case n°1, you have been compensated by your insurance company. Some companies may leave files without updates or news for some time, in which case we initiate an abandonment procedure so that the vehicle can be recycled. You are simply notified, and there is nothing more to do.

- Case n°2, you have not been compensated by your insurance company, and you are still in possession of the vehicle registration document. Please follow the procedure noted on the letter to regularize your file.

For further information, please contact the relevant department at secretariat@groupe-gpa.fr, quoting the registration number of the vehicle concerned, and giving your contact details (e-mail, address and telephone number).

Please note that this is only valid for French companies, please refer to the European pro account section if your company is not registered in France. 

Simply click on the "Professional Registration" tab visible below your shopping cart:

You will be asked to enter your company's Siret number. If your company is clearly identified as belonging to the automotive sector, you will then be able to apply to open a PRO account by completing the form.

Once the request has been made, it is processed by our accounting department within 48 hours. You will then receive an email with your customer account number and your account on the site will be automatically updated with your PRO conditions.

PRO accounts are reserved for professionals in the automotive sector, which is why your SIRET number is required;

It may happen that the information returned by your siret number is not correct, in which case simply contact us;

Any professional in the European Union can open a PRO account provided they have an intra-Community VAT number in order to be invoiced net of tax. However, the PRO discount will only be granted to automotive professionals;

Here are some of the advantages we offer our business customers:

- Prices displayed on the site VAT free

- Unlimited consultation of our registration-based compatibility tools

- Discounts based on sales volume

- Small parcel dispatch via TNT within 24 hours in France. 

- Possibility of invoicing within 30 days of the end of the month (subject to acceptance of file).

For our European customers: 

- Invoicing VAT free.

Yes! if you already have a business account, maybe for years, first of all, thank you!

Please note that you have a customer account on the site with the same conditions as when you order by telephone;

If you are unable to log in with your professional account on the site, please contact us!

Our PRO registration form currently only works for French companies.

However, as a PRO from the European Union, you have the possibility of ordering tax-free, if you have an intra-Community VAT number.

To do this, you need to create a standard customer account, and contact us by email at web@groupe-gpa.fr giving us the email address used for your customer account, as well as your VAT number.

We will then be able to set up your account so that you are no longer charged VAT. 

Please note, that this setting is not retroactive, and we will not be able to reimburse you the VAT on an order placed before your account was set up as a professional account. 

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