Right wing mirror INFINITI Q50 PH.1 NOIR ref n° GPA-21-0005554 015261515

Right wing mirror INFINITI Q50 PH.1 NOIR ref n° GPA-21-0005554 015261515

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Right wing mirror - GPA-21-0005554


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The entire staff of GPA, automobiles recycler based in Livron sur Drôme (France), welcomes you on our web shop. Our daily challenge is to provide the larger possible choice for low-priced, high quality warrantied automobile and motorcycle used parts. Thanks to the GPA web shop, you will never waste your time again searching for your part in a junkyard!

Here are all the information you will need to choose your Right wing mirror INFINITI Q50 PH.1

Characteristics of your Right wing mirror :

  • Mileage (Km) : 152874
  • GPA Tag number : 015261515
  • OEM Number : GPA-21-0005554 (A number starting with NC means we do not know the OEM Number and replaced it with our internal tag number)
  • Estimated delivery time : 1 or 2 business days (Mainland France), delivered by national carrier

Tests, quality checks and warranty :

  • By the specialized disassembler : Yes
  • By the quality manager : Yes
  • Duration of the warranty : Two-year warranty (excepted for engines and gearboxes : one-year warranty)

Pro tip :

  • A wing mirror is a complex part, often equipped with various functions (electric adjustment or retracting, painted or not, fitted with a turn signal, heat sensors, etc.). Please choose your mirror imperatively in accordance with these characteristics.
  • Our INFINITIQ50 PH.1 wing mirrors are shipped complete with mirror, motor (if applicable) and side caps.
  • Do not hesitate to hire a registered professional to replace your wing mirror.
  • This used INFINITI Q50 PH.1 right wing mirror is the result of a cautious disassembly process and a rigorous quality check. However...
    • Please be aware that the vehicles from which our parts are extracted have, just like yours, been used for years and have traveled thousands of kilometers.
    • Therefore, while our used car parts are of the highest quality, they might not be in mint condition. Superficial scratches and light dents are possible testimonies of a former life. Should you be looking for an optimum result, small bodywork repairs might be necessary.

    Characteristics of the INFINITI Q50 PH.1 from which we collected your Right wing mirror :

    • Brand : INFINITI
    • Model : Q50 PH.1 2.2 TD 16V FAP
    • Body : 4 Doors
    • Year : 14-09-2016
    • Fuel : Diesel
    • Engine type : 651970
    • Gearbox type : 31020HG00D - 7 automatic
    • Cylinder : 2143
    • Horsepower : 170
    • Color : NOIR
    • Color code : NC
    • Type identification code (CNIT) : M10NFNVP000P139

    We hope the description of this part is precise enough for you to confirm your choice. If you have additional questions or want to make suggestions to help us improve our web shop, please feel free to contact us by email or phone.

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    Here’s the number of our prefectural agreement allowing us to work, disassemble and sell used car parts: PR 260026 D. Never buy used car parts from a business that does not display it! In addition, GPA received the ISO14001 certification for environmental compliance and the ISO9001 certification for its quality approach.


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